Science, Faith and Beyond

Exploring Big Questions with Young People

Welcome to the website of the Youth and Schools team at The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion. We love to encourage and equip children, young people, and their influencers, to explore their big science-faith questions.

Do you have questions about science and religion?

If you’re aged between 11 and 18, this space is for you to explore your big questions about science, religious faith and more.

You can check out responses to questions asked by others, meet experts who study ideas from science and/or religion, take a look at resources we recommend for further reading, and explore our recommended activities to do some science yourself!

Latest Activities

We've picked some of our favourite activities and experiments to help you bring out your inner explorer of science, faith, art and more! What questions come to mind as you explore the amazing universe we're a part of?


Bug Hotels & Bird Feeders

Do your bit to look after the wonderful animals in your world by making them comfy homes and yummy treats.


Chocolate ‘Earth’s Crust’

Watching what happens when you heat & cool chocolate can help us learn about the amazing properties of our world. Watch it become “melty”, then set like Earth’s hard crust!


Explore programming!

Programming is an important part of computers, smart phones and robots! Want to have a go?


London Natural History Museum: Try This at Home

Experience a world of discoveries from home!


Make Your Own Fossils

Create your own fossil imprints and wonder at the clues that help us find out about animals and plants that lived long ago.


Minibeast Hunt

Let's go exploring and meet amazing creatures in your own little corner of the world.

Latest Resources

This list includes some of our favourite resources for exploring science-faith interactions. They each explore their topic in a way which either actively links science and faith or prepares the way for further questions and deeper thinking about science and faith, and how they might interact.


101 Great Big Questions about God and Science

Lizzie Henderson & Steph Bryant

101 Great Big Questions asked by children, with fascinating responses from leading experts in the areas of science, theology, philosophy and beyond!


A Cartoon History of Earth: The Birth of the Earth

Jacqui Bailey

Explore the birth of the Earth through comic strips! This book leads the reader from the Big Bang to the formation of Earth, and how it became a place where life could develop.


A Cartoon History of the Earth: Life Finds Its Feet

Jacqui Bailey

Explore the history of Earth through comic strips, as life finds its feet! This book retells the story of the Big Bang, evolution, dinosaurs and the beginning of mankind.


A Cartoon History of the Earth: The Stick and Stone Age

Jacqui Bailey

Explore the history of Earth through comic strips – as prehistoric mammals abound, early apes develop into humans, and we see how they lived during the stone age.


A Cartoon History of the Earth: The Day of the Dinosaurs

Jacqui Bailey

Explore the history of Earth through comic strips, as the dinosaurs have their day! Explore the development, life, and disappearance of dinosaurs and other animals that lived alongside them.


Billions of Years, Amazing Changes

Lawrence Pringle

Explore the work of scientists who have helped us understand more about the processes of evolution – covering fossils, genetics, natural selection and the adventures of Charles Darwin.