Explore programming!

Programming is an important part of computers, smart phones and robots. Do you want to have a go?

To programme computers to do what we want, we need to communicate with them using a ‘special language’ (or ‘code’) that computers can read. For a simple video explaining what coding is, click here.

Explore these sites to have a go at learning some simple, but exciting coding for yourself!

  • Crunchzilla Code Monster provides a clear introduction to javascript. Click here to have a go and see your instructions take effect as soon as you type them in.
  • ‘Code’ can help you explore the world of computer science with engaging videos, self-paced tutorials, programming activities, and more for all ages and experience levels! Click here to have a browse.

If these activities raise wider questions about computing, ‘Code’ have videos to help older children explore questions like ‘what is a computer?’, ‘how does AI work’, ‘what is machine learning?’ – as well as many other topics across a range of complexity (click here).

On our list of experts, Rosalind Picard is an example of a scientist of faith working in the field of artificial intelligence – and you can find out a bit more of her story, and the questions her work raises, here.

Check out some of our questions and resources about robots and AI for more.

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It's easy to take ourselves and all the cool things we can do for granted. But programming a robot to do even a simple task like balance, or jump over something can be very difficult. What our brains help us to do is amazing. How does that make you feel about the God Christians believe made everything, including you and me?