From teachers, parents and youth workers, to religious leaders, event speakers and online influencers - many people have significant influence in the lives of children and young people. We are dedicated to equipping those in these positions of influence to help young people engage wisely, respectfully and effectively with the big questions, opportunities and challenges they face in life and society – particularly those regarding topics of science and religious faith.

Why does science and religion communication matter?

“Such an interesting conversation to be had and I didn’t really think I’d ever get the opportunity for it.” Trainee science teacher

Children and young people are natural questioners – often asking fascinating ‘big questions’ which display interest in a wide range of topics, including those of science and religious faith. The ability to ask and process these big, ‘inter-curricular’ questions is vital for today’s young people who face huge and complex questions such as those relating to climate change, artificial intelligence, racism, mental health, and their own place and purpose in life.

Unfortunately, research indicates that young people often lack suitable opportunities to explore their questions and, resultingly, can develop misconceptions which limit their effective engagement with society’s important challenges and opportunities. We are therefore working to increase the opportunities available to all young people to explore and develop their ability to engage with big questions, particularly those regarding the key areas of science and religious faith.

Why do we offer training?

“Thank you so much for a really interesting and inspiring session. It was really lovely to come away feeling inspired and energised to get back to the classroom with new resources and ideas!” Primary school teacher

We find that the most fruitful and valuable support of young people combines direct interaction with enthusiastic experts, with confident reinforcement from teachers, children’s workers and others in important positions of influence. We have therefore spent many years developing ways to equip these key influencers with the resources, confidence and support to provide valuable, ongoing engagement opportunities for young people.

Our bespoke training sessions are developed to engage as specifically as possible with the questions and requirements of each group, helping you meet curriculum guidelines, Ofsted or SIAMS requirements, or helping you to explore more deeply particular questions or areas of interest. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to enquire about how we might be able to support you.

What training do we offer?

Since 2013, the Faraday Institute’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic Youth and Schools team have run over 400 sessions with adults in the UK, and beyond – with most occurring after 2020, following our team’s expansion and the hiring of a training lead. These have reached over 6,000 key influencers including (but not limited to) trainee and in-service RE, science and primary teachers; head teachers; those working with young people in religious or other non-school contexts (leaders, children’s and youth workers); and experts in science, theology or philosophy seeking to develop their science-faith communication skills – many of whom have subsequently joined our team of ‘visiting experts’ who take part in the events we offer for young people of all ages.

We offer a range of training opportunities tailored to suit different groups. Click on the headings below to find out more about the main categories of training we offer. We are happy to create bespoke training opportunities, so please get in touch whether or not your needs are reflected in these categories.