Bug Hotels & Bird Feeders

Do your bit to look after the wonderful animals in your world by making them comfy homes and yummy treats.


Chocolate ‘Earth’s Crust’

Watching what happens when you heat & cool chocolate can help us learn about the amazing properties of our world. Watch it become “melty”, then set like Earth’s hard crust!


Cloud Crafts

Get creative with fun shaving foam paintings and think about all the different kinds of clouds. Why not see how many you can spot in the sky on different days?


Crafty Animal A-Z

Get creative with your favourite crafts as you think about the amazing variety of animals in our world. Can you think of a different animal for each letter of the alphabet?


Cress Heads

Explore how plants can grow almost anywhere as you create these fun, “hairy” characters and learn how plants need light and water to grow.


Explore programming!

Programming is an important part of computers, smart phones and robots! Want to have a go?



Create your own different habitats and explore how different animals are all good at different things and can live in different places.


Leaf Treasure Hunt

Hop into your shoes and let's head outside to explore the huge variety of plants and trees around us. How many different types of plant can we find? Can we name some of them and maybe collect some fallen leaves for leaf art later?


London Natural History Museum: Try This at Home

Experience a world of discoveries from home!


Make Your Own Fossils

Create your own fossil imprints and wonder at the clues that help us find out about animals and plants that lived long ago.


Make Your Own Rocket

Use your own science skills to send a bubble-powered rocket flying up into the sky.


Minibeast Hunt

Let's go exploring and meet amazing creatures in your own little corner of the world.


Museum of Zoology Online – Cambridge University

Experience a world of discoveries from your home!


Paint the Night Sky

Get thinking about the millions and billions of stars in our universe by painting a glittery night sky full of sparkles.


Planet Art

Get creative with fun shaving foam paintings to make puffy planets or ones with beautiful marbled colours.


Space Playdough

Imagine and create your own galaxies with a creative playdough universe activity.


Star Spotting

Head outside on a clear dark afternoon or evening and see if you can spot the moon, some stars or even planets!


Volcano Explosion!

One way to see some of the incredible power in the world around us is with a homemade volcano!