Chocolate ‘Earth’s Crust’

Watching what happens when you heat and cool chocolate can show us a bit about the amazing properties of our world. Watch it become “melty” and “gloopy” and then set hard like Earth’s hard crust!

For some helpful tips about melting chocolate, click here. This ‘experiment’ can be especially yummy if you watch it set on ice cream (e.g. click here), on fruit (e.g. click here) or around gooey, coconut-ty ‘earths’ (e.g. click here).

If this gets you thinking about what our planet is made of, why not watch a video exploring the layers of material under our feet (e.g. click here) – maybe you can find even more creative ways to bake yummy treats showing Earth’s layers!

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What might you think about a God who created a world with so many amazing properties?