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Science, Religion and Evolution

Hi there, if you're aged between 2 and 11, this space is for you to explore your big questions about science and religious faith.

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  • What is evolution?
  • Did humans evolve?
  • If we evolved does that mean God didn’t make us?
  • Who were Adam and Eve?
  • Did we evolve from monkeys? (If so, why are there still monkeys?)
  • If we evolved like all other animals, what makes us special?
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  • What is evolution?

    Have you noticed that living things can look very different from each other? Some are huge, like elephants! Others are tiny, like ants. Some move, like animals. Some stay still, like trees.

    Evolution is the word we use to talk about how all the living things on Earth have ended up so different from each other.

    The amazing thing is that when life on Earth first started, there was only one type of living thing. They were all very, very small, far too small to see, and they didn’t do very much!

    But every new living thing was a little bit different to its parents. And over a very, very long time, lots of little differences have added up to make all kinds of big differences like new shapes, sizes, colours and even all the different types of creature you can see in the world around you.


  • Did humans evolve?

    Yes! Just like you are related to your mum, dad, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunties, uncles, grandmas, grandads, and even great-grandparents, you are also related to every other living thing on planet earth!

    A long time ago, the first life on Earth started, and very, very slowly small differences between these living things have added up to make big differences like new shapes, sizes, colours and even new types of creature, including humans!

    So everything living on Earth is different and special but part of one big, giant family!

  • If we evolved does that mean God didn’t make us?

    No, it definitely doesn’t mean that!

    Lots of people believe in a God who made us. For example, the Bible (the holy book that Christians read) teaches that God made everything. All the stars, the Earth and all the amazing plants and animals that live here.

    Scientists explore to find out how all of these amazing things were made. So lots of people think that evolution is how God made all living things, including humans!

  • Who were Adam and Eve?

    Adam and Eve are the central characters of some stories in the Bible (the holy book that Christians read) that talk about God making people.

    Through these stories, the Bible teaches that God loves people very much, that he made us to be his special friends and to look after everything else he made.

  • Did we evolve from monkeys? (If so, why are there still monkeys?)

    We didn’t evolve from the monkeys and apes that are around today, but we are part of the same family. They are our distant cousins.

    Just like you and your cousins share the same grandparents, we share the same great-great-great-great-great-(and so on) grandparents with today’s monkeys and apes.

  • If we evolved like all other animals, what makes us special?

    All living things are different and special in their own way.

    In some ways, we are very like other animals. It’s fun to see the things that make us similar and different to other animals. We can climb trees, but not as well as monkeys; we can swim, but not as well as sharks; we can sing, but not like bird – and we can’t fly at all!

    But there are some things which only humans seem able to do.

    We have amazing brains and bodies which let us paint pictures, build hospitals, do science, tell stories, run marathons, cook yummy food, ask amazing questions, build rockets to fly to the moon, learn all about the things we find interesting and much more. What other things can you think of?

    The Bible (the holy book that Christians read) teaches that humans are particularly special because God has chosen us to be His special friends and to care for everything else he has made.

  • April Maskiewicz Cordero

    Dr April Maskiewicz Cordero is an evolutionary biologist and a Christian.

    Bill Newsome

    Professor Bill Newsome is a neurobiologist and a Christian.

    Bob Sluka

    Dr Bob Sluka is a marine biologist and a Christian.

    Bob White

    Professor Bob White is a geophysicist and a Christian.

    Cara Wall-Scheffler

    Professor Cara Wall-Scheffler is an anthropologist and a Christian.

    Francis Collins

    Dr Francis Collins is a geneticist and a Christian.

    Denis Alexander

    Dr Denis Alexander is a biochemist and a Christian.

    John Bryant

    Professor John Bryant is a geneticist, bioethicist and a Christian.

    Sarah Bodbyl Roels

    Dr Sarah Bodbyl Roels is an evolutionary biologist and a Christian.

    Simon Conway Morris

    Professor Simon Conway Morris is a palaeontologist, evolutionary biologist, and Christian. 

    Steve Roels

    Dr Steve Roels is an environmental biologist and a Christian.

    Mary Anning

    Mary Anning lived from 1799 – 1847. She is remembered as one of the 19th century’s greatest fossil hunters.

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