Scientists of Faith

Can faith in God and belief in science coexist? Could a person’s love of God inspire their love of His works, and could science even help them wonder and love God more? Absolutely!

In Scientists of Faith, readers will meet thirty-one brilliant men and women from different countries, time periods, and scientific disciplines who all share one thing in common: an unshakeable faith in God.

From Robert T. Bakker, a Christian minister and paleontologist who changed the world’s thinking about warm-blooded dinosaurs; to Gregor Mendel, the monk-scientist who discovered the hidden world of genetics; to Andre-Marie Ampere, the explorer of “amps” and electricity whose faith in God sustained him through family crises; Scientists of Faith reveals that faith in God isn’t just compatible with science—it can be a scientist’s most powerful force in the journey of discovery.

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Christy Monson

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