Minibeast Hunt

Let’s go exploring and meet amazing creatures in your own little corner of the world.

The Woodland Trust have put together a helpful guide for planning a minibeast hunt in the UK: click here.

For even more identification sheets, click here. These spotter sheets will expand your minibeast hunts to appreciating different creepy crawleys, beetles and butterflies, and also give you the option to extend your ‘hunt’ to not-so-mini creatures (including amphibians, garden birds and mammals).

Not only is this a great opportunity to enjoy fresh air and learn about our local wildlife, but it is also a good chance to learn about respectful interaction with nature.

  • Remember to be kind and respectful to all the creatures you meet. We don’t want to do any harm, or prevent them from living their lives uninterrupted.
  • Minibeasts are small and delicate, so be careful when you pick them up and always put them back where you found them. (Many organisations recommend using spoons or clean paintbrushes to handle mini-beasts without using your hands!)
  • Gently handle plants and animals that you know to be safe. If you’re not sure, it is probably best just to look with your eyes. You can still tick it off your list, and maybe even use a camera to capture more details.

If you’d like to encourage more minibeasts into your own garden, you can have fun with our ‘Bug Hotels and Bird Feeders‘ activity.

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Some of the animals around us are tiny! Do you think a God who created everything would care as much about the tiny things as the huge ones?