Wonder Zone Holiday Club (Faraday Kids)

Welcome to Wonder Zone! This amazing five-day, Bible-based children’s holiday club resource from Scripture Union and The Faraday Institute contains all that you need to host a Christian holiday club using a fun science theme that will have children in their element.

Whether beginner or boffin, you’ll find your home at Wonder Zone! With fun science-based activities and experiments, input from real scientists, and all kinds of opportunities to explore big questions, these resources encourage children to explore the wonders of the universe and discover more about the God Christians believe is behind all of it, and who wants to get to know them! Along the way, they will experience the fun of discovery, explore the wonders of the universe, investigate light and colour, be awed by the diversity of the natural world and encounter robots and artificial intelligence. Children and adults alike will find out about who Christians believe God is and how exploring science and following him can go hand in hand.

With all the fun elements that Scripture Union resources are known for – dramas, songs, videos, activities and games, and input from Faraday Institute scientists and theologians, this is a resource like no other. This is the ideal resource for church groups who want to support, celebrate and encourage children and young people in engaging with the wonders, possibilities and questions of science and its interactions with the Bible and Christian faith.  The flexible program allows for clubs with shorter or longer time scales and also comes with lots of suggestions for how to expand the club to include parents, carers and families or to use the resources in a different context.

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Alex Taylor & Faraday Kids
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