Star Spotting

Head outside on a clear dark afternoon or evening and see if you can spot the moon, some stars or even planets!

For some useful tips and ideas to plan your expedition: click here or here. Online charts can help you prepare for what you might see (e.g. click here).

In preparation for star-gazing, or if the activity raises questions afterwards, you can feed your sense of awe and wonder by connecting with what stars are, and how they work!

  • Resources for kids include online videos (e.g. click here), image galleries (e.g. click here) and a closer look at the surface of a star, our sun (e.g. click here).
  • Resources for teens include NASA educational material (e.g. click here), videos (e.g. click here) and image galleries (e.g. click here).

The Whirlpool Galaxy in Infrared Dust Credit: Infrared: NASA, ESA, M. Regan & B. Whitmore (STScI), & R. Chandar (U. Toledo)

Some scientists of faith work on the telescopes and equipment that bring us amazing images of space. You can meet them and see what they say about their faith and study of the Universe, here.

Check out some of our questions and resources about space for more.

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How does it make you feel to think about a God who could have made all the amazing things in space?