Paint the Night Sky

Get thinking about the millions and billions of stars in our universe by painting a glittery night sky full of sparkles.

Take a look at this link for some useful painting tips and ideas.

To link this craft to the wonder of our Universe why not browse images taken by organisations such as NASA (e.g. click here). If your discussion turns to something like ‘what are stars?’, you can explore further using online resources (e.g. click here).

Great Observatories Unique Views of the Milky Way © NASA/JPL-Caltech/ESA/CXC/STScI

Some scientists of faith work on the telescopes and equipment that bring us amazing images of space. You can meet them and see what they say about their faith and study of the Universe, here.

Check out some of our questions and resources about space for more!

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What might you think about a God who could have created so many stars?