Make Your Own Rocket

Use your own science skills to send a bubble-powered rocket flying up into the sky.

There’s nothing like a little rocket science to add some excitement to the day.

For some instructions and helpful ideas, click here (and a record-breaking attempt, here).

Not only is this experiments fun, but it also helps us learn a little bit about how our Universe works, and also how science works. Can you think of anything you could tweak to make the rocket take off quicker? Or travel higher? Often scientists run tests and change some ‘variables’ to see what effect it has. Will breaking up the tablet make a difference? Will more/less water make a difference? Why not run some trials and learn more about this reaction, just like a scientist!

While our rockets won’t make it into space, this experiment provides a fun opportunity to celebrate space travel and real rockets! Organisations like NASA can explain how real rockets are launched – e.g. click here for a video and resources for children, click here for more advanced material for teens familiar with Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Check out some of our questions and resources about space for more!

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Do you think a God who created the Universe would enjoy people exploring and learning about it all?