Training and Support in Science-Religion Communication

“I was thrilled to meet a group of people excited about science-faith communication.” Communication course delegate

Meeting and hearing from individuals with expertise and enthusiasm about science and religious faith can have life-changing impact on the way young people think about these important areas and how they can positively interact in exploring life’s big questions. We are therefore committed to raising new generations of thoughtful, engaging and skilled science-religion communicators, providing role models who can reach many thousands of young people across the world through direct interaction and wider media. Our highly interactive, in-person training weekends are carefully crafted to inspire and resource the communicators of today and tomorrow.

These workshops are designed to support those who wish to develop their skills to communicate about science and religion with young people in a variety of contexts. Cohorts often include scientists, theologians, philosophers and others in relevant fields – from those early in their career, to those who have retired and are seeking to develop the ways they can apply their knowledge and experience.

Alongside taught input and constructive, tailored feedback from experts in the field, participants have opportunities to practice and develop skills in delivery of in-person presentations and practical demonstrations, panel discussions, radio/podcast interviews, written communication and more, as well as the chance to discuss and learn about key science-religion topics and questions.

Following this training, participants are often invited to participate in Faraday Institute youth and schools events, as well benefiting from our support as they pursue and prepare for science-faith communication opportunities within their own spheres of influence.

Upcoming opportunities:

Please feel free to get in touch expressing your interest in applying to take part in future science-faith communication workshops.


“Genuinely invaluable experiences and opportunities to build skills and confidence in communicating around science and religion. Leaving feeling really inspired!” Communication course delegate

“I think the overall joy found in science was something I had lost and so that theme that ran through the weekend was so refreshing!” Communication course delegate

“The atmosphere was one of purpose, and it was easy to think freely and share thoughts.” Communication course delegate

What does the communications workshop cost?

We are very grateful to have received external funding to heavily subsidise the cost of previous communication training workshops. We are seeking funding to allow such subsidies in future and will make clear the funding/cost situation for future courses when applications open.