Science Geek Christy and her Eco-Logbook

Meet Christy a determined young girl, who is passionate about saving the planet.

Along with her boyfriend geeky Sam and best friend Amira and other school mates, they win a science competition and an opportunity to travel to Ecuador to write travel blogs. Excitement and anticipation for the trip is overshadowed by a HUGE dilemma for conscientious Christy. Can they get there in an eco-friendly way? Will she have to miss out on a trip of a lifetime to see the wildlife and experience the culture of Ecuador because of her principles? How best can she do her part to care for God’s creation? After finding a brilliant solution, once in Ecuador, Christy and her fellow adventurers discover the trip is not all that it seems!

A gripping adventure for any child passionate about wildlife of the rainforest, endangered ecosystems and being a responsible eco-warrior.

See also Science Geek Sam and his secret logbook for a further fact-filled and thought-provoking story featuring Christy and Sam and their classmates.

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Petra Crofton
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Lion Hudson