Training for children’s/youth workers

Blue tea, exploding canisters, dancing raisins and crunchy crickets!! If that doesn’t grip your attention, then I don’t know what will! The excellently provided training gave our team the space to see how belief and science can sit side by side.” Youth worker

Young people with religious faith, or those exploring religious ideas, can often find it difficult to ask their science-faith questions at school. Therefore, non-school settings (including churches and other religious contexts) have the important privilege of providing a safe space for young people to explore their big questions.

We aim to equip children’s and youth workers with the confidence to validate and engage with science-faith questions their young people might raise, and to begin unpacking relevant ideas in informed, helpful, nuanced, and respectful ways.

Training participants benefit from expert presentation of relevant science-faith topics as well as opportunities to ask questions and learn from the experience of the Faraday team in communicating these subjects. All of our training has a strong focus on interactive activities and support in how to use these in a range of contexts. Specially designed resources allow easy, ongoing engagement with the ideas presented, and sessions include time to think practically about how ideas and resources might be best applied in each participant’s context. We also offer ongoing support from our skilled and experienced team.

Given the time demands and varying working patterns of leaders and youth workers in churches and other relevant contexts, we often run these sessions online, splitting them between two dates. However, we remain flexible, and love interacting in-person, so we can tailor the content and logistics to suit a range of needs.

Upcoming opportunities:

  • If there are no events listed here, we’d love to encourage you to get in touch and register your interest.


“I think this course will have a really positive impact on my ministry by providing useful experiments, activities, illustrations and ways of engaging the imagination and interests of children and young people.” Youth worker

“The training was fantastic. I feel inspired to look for opportunities to discuss science and faith within a church youth group, in church services, and school context, which I have never done before, and feel equipped enough to give it a go.” Youth worker

What do training sessions cost?

We are aware that available budgets vary wildly, and it is very important to us that cost should not be prohibitive to any church or young person. At the same time, in order for us to be able to continue to run our programme, it is necessary for us to charge fees for training in order to cover travel and accommodation expenses and other event costs.

Our costs vary depending on the particular kind of event(s) requested, the number of session leaders required, venue hire/catering costs, and the distance travelled. ‘Starting costs’ for children’s and youth workers in churches and other relevant contexts are around £25 per person, but ‘final costs’ will be influenced by specific event requirements.

Once we have established the kind of event that might work best, we can discuss the cost of running the event in greater depth, and any concessionary rates that might be required in order to ensure that our sessions remain accessible for all.