Podcast: Talking Turtles, Toddlers and Teenagers

Click here to join the ‘Now There’s a T H O U G H T’ bar! Ok, so it’s not a bar, it’s a space graciously provided by the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, but it contains drinks and good company so it’s close enough.

Louise, your podcast host, is joined by Pastor Andy Waddams of Gallery Church in Birmingham, and marine biologist Cara Parrett to talk turtles, toddlers and teenagers. Let’s grab a seat, though I’m afraid you’ll have to buy your own drink…

In this podcast Cara shares her personal story from a Christian perspective, but with a broader conversation about communicating about sustainability, science and religious faith.

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Now There’s a T H O U G H T and Cara Parrett
Age Range: 
Publication Date: 
July 2023
Now There’s a T H O U G H T