Lesson plans: Secondary RVE Classroom Resources (Welsh)

Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE) classes cover many interdisciplinary topics, some of which bring students and teachers into contact with scientific ideas and topics. We have carefully created curriculum-relevant lesson plans to help RVE teachers support students’ exploration of these topics – highlighting the different ways of knowing encountered in science and RVE, and how they can come together to give us deeper insights on complex topics.

These resources will support teachers looking to implement the new Welsh curriculum’s integrated approach to learning and teaching, and are in line with the foundational vision for helping students become ambitious, creative, healthy and ethical, informed citizens in a complex, increasingly scientific, multi-cultural society.

They are dual-medium resources: the student sheets are in Welsh (as are the portions of the teacher notes which mirror the student sheets).

  • How can RVE help with tackling climate change? – KS3&4  (Purchase here, £2.50)
  • What does the Bible say about the Big Bang? – KS3&4 (Purchase here – £2.50)
  • Bioethics: What do people from different religions think about the start and end of life? – KS4&5 (Purchase here – £2.50)
  • Race, Science and Faith – KS3&4 (Purchase here – £2.50)
  • What is the purpose of Genesis 1? – KS3 (Purchase here – £2.50)
  • How should scientists spend their money? – KS3&4 (Download here, for free)
  • Ways of knowing in different subjects – KS4 (Purchase here – £2.50)

Purchase the full pack of resources here (for £12).

We feel that teachers will feel most confident, inspired and equipped to use these resources if they have joined our team for a teacher training session on integrating science and religious education. These sessions run in various formats, at various times throughout the year. So we encourage you to visit our ‘training’ page, or get in touch with our Training Lead to express your interest: kids@faraday.cam.ac.uk. We have adapted, and run our, training sessions for teachers working in the Welsh context, with great success, so we are ready to come and enjoy discussion suited to your setting.

“May I extend my gratitude for your amazing input and commitment to this pilot! It has been great to work with you and your resources. The RVE practitioners have certainly benefitted from the pilot and it has really ignited their interest in this topic. I was impressed with the two school’s presentations, after little time and money. You certainly inspired and upskilled them!”

Central South Consortium associate advisor for RVE and SACRE

*Note: Key stage references above are just for guidance, and you will know your class well enough to decide if a resource might suit them, and how you might be able to tweak it to bring it to their level.

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