Lesson plans: Primary Classroom Resources

The primary classroom provides a wonderful opportunity to cover the sorts of big, interdisciplinary questions which young people are asking, but which may become lost between the subject silos of secondary school. Many of these questions are best explored by recognising knowledge from both science and religious faith, and our lesson plans aim to support you and your young people in this area of overlap. Please do get in touch if you are facing different science-faith topics and would value some support in exploring them well with young people.

By addressing interdisciplinary ‘big’ questions, we also have an opportunity to lay the foundations for their understanding of how different subjects/ways of knowing build knowledge. Some of our science-focused lesson plans below pick up these ideas and suggest interactive ways to help primary aged students engage with the nature of science – its role, methods, power and limitations. This disciplinary wisdom will set them up well, not just for school, but also for facing questions in a complex, science and technology-filled world.

RE focus:

  • How can RE help with tackling climate change? – KS2 (Purchase here, for £2.50)
  • What is the purpose of Genesis 1? – KS2 (Purchase here, for £2.50)
  • Race, Science and Faith – KS2 (Purchase here, for £2.50)
  • How should scientists spend their money? – KS2 (Download here, for free)

Science focus:

  • Excitement, curiosity, awe and wonder in science lessons: mini beasts – KS1 (Download here, for free)
  • Excitement, curiosity, awe and wonder in science lessons: night sky – KS1&2 (Purchase here, for £2.50)
  • Bouncing balls (Tentative nature of scientific conclusions) – KS1&2 (Download here, for free)
  • What makes popcorn pop? How do we know something in science? – KS2 (Download here, for free)

Purchase the full pack of resources here (for £8).

We feel that teachers will feel most confident, inspired and equipped to use these resources if they have joined our team for a teacher training session on integrating science and religious education. Training sessions run in various formats, at various times throughout the year. So we encourage you to visit our ‘training’ page, or get in touch with our Training Lead to express your interest: kids@faraday.cam.ac.uk.

*Note: Key stage references above are just for guidance, and you will know your class well enough to decide if a resource might suit them, and how you might be able to tweak it to bring it to their level.

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